Fall 2019 Office Hours: Mondays 2.10pm to 5.10pm, McGannon 126.

Saint Louis University

POLS 2000: Methods in Political Science

POLS 3620: International Organization and the Management of World Problems

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Multidisciplinary Research Seminar in International Studies

Research Design in Social Sciences

Trabajo de Fin de Grado (Bachelor’s Thesis)

Ozyegin University

IR 202: Advanced Research Methods for International Relations

IR 204: International Organizations

IR 305: International Relations Theory

IR 401: International Political Economy

IR 432: Politics and Strategy: Introduction to Game Theory and Formal Models

ECON 201: Microeconomics

ECON 210: Introduction to Economics

MATH 202: Statistics for Social Sciences

Claremont Graduate University

PP 430: Perspectives on War and Peace (TA of Jacek Kugler)

PP 487: Applied Data Analysis and Econometrics (TA of Mark Abdollahian)

SPE 315: Game Theory (TA of Eunyong Ha)

TNDY 401: Nature of Scientific Inquiry (TA of Jacek Kugler)

Koc University

ECON 333: Game Theory and Strategy (TA of Levent Kockesen)